Medication Management

Medication is an effective modality of treatment for many psychiatric disorders. Dr. Jones has been prescribing psychotropic medications for over 20 years, and his approach is to provide patients with options whenever possible. His experience allows him to select various alternatives and offer patients the pros and cons of each. Sometimes it takes trials of different medications before finding the treatment that is best for you.

Dr. Jones helps his patients find the best medications to suit their needs using their personal input, current research, and over 20 years of experience. He also has considerable experience combining multiple agents to achieve optimal results with more complicated conditions. Dr. Jones offers recommendations and provides resources if he believes a patient will benefit from additional behavioral health therapies, such as counseling.

Frequently Asked Medication Management Questions

Psychotropic medications are designed to target neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that send messages between brain cells. An imbalance in certain neurotransmitters can result in or be caused by psychiatric disorders. Medications are used to adjust this imbalance, restore proper functioning, and improve your daily life. 
Certain medications can elicit unwanted side effects for some people. Dr. Jones will let you know about common side effects of the medications he recommends, so that you can be part of the treatment process and decide for yourself whether or not you would like to proceed with that option. If you experience unwanted side effects, let Dr. Jones know right away so you can decide the next steps together. Always consult with the doctor before stopping medications to avoid unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

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